The Paddle Town Battle is On!

UPDATE:The people have spoken and the Paddle Town Battle is on! Based on proximity to types of paddling—touring, whitewater, surfing, downwind—and culture—shops, clubs, events—the top seven have been chosen to compete in our Elite Eight bracket. In a twist, Wilmington, North Carolina and Providence, Rhode Island competed in a play-in game to decide the 8th spot, with Wilmington coming out on top.

Honolulu, Hawaii grabbed the number one seed thanks to its incredible paddling options, shops, events, paddling scene and of course history but was dropped by Wilmington, NC in the first round. Dana Point, Calif. solidified the number 2 seed and is playing Boise right now. Jupiter, Fla., one of the countries most well-rounded paddle towns locked down a 3 seed, but lost to Rincon Puerto, Rico. Water-centric Seattle ended number 4 and plays Charleston, South Carolina and Number 5, Sunday and Monday.

Rincon, Puerto Rico pulled off a stunner to grab a 6 and Boise, Idaho pulled down the lone intermountain seeding at 7 thanks to its historic paddling culture, plethora of paddling options and game-changing competitions (the Payette River Games). Hood River, Oregon–which just missed the Elite Eight with it’s downwind and whitewater options and Naish-sponsored race round out the top 10. All will be featured in the Summer issue of SUP magazine. Here’s the approximate schedule:

1. Vs. 8. = 3/24-3/25 Mon.-Tues.
3. Vs. 6. = 3/26-3/27 Wed.-Thurs.
2. Vs. 7. = 3/28-3/29 Fri.-Sat.
4. Vs. 5. = 3/30-3/31 Sun.-Mon.
Semi 1. 4/1-4/2 Tues.-Wed.
Semi 2. 4/3-4/4-Thurs.-Fri.
Final 4/5-4/6 Sat.-Sun.

Vote for your hometown in this year’s Paddle Town Battle.

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