Shane Perrin seems to enjoy pain more than anyone in the world of SUP. His adventure race résumé proves it. He was the first SUP athlete to compete in and complete the following races: La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge, a 4-day, 179-mile stage race; the Texas Water Safari, a 264-mile race, billed as 'the world's toughest canoe race;' and the Missouri's MR 340, the world’s longest non-stop river race.

Perrin is at it again. On March 2, he’ll embark on his first-ever saltwater expedition: the WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, a 300-mile, 8-day, self-supported race in Florida. Not only that but Perrin plans to continue paddling past the finish line to Key West, for a total of over 400 miles of paddling over ten days, all to raise awareness for the benefits of tissue and organ donation. Over 10 years ago, Perrin suffered from Berger’s, a hereditary disease that affects the functioning of the kidneys. He spent a year on dialysis before his mother donated a kidney to her son, and with it, a new life. We’d say he’s done well by that kidney.

Perrin has been training since November 1 and began his fundraising effort today. To follow his adventure check out his website The Stand Up Guy. You can also make a donation to the cause at GoFundMe.

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