Starboard's Sean Poynter recently traveled down to Puerto Escondido for the Central Surf Pro. After three days of barrels he grabbed the win south of the border. Here’s his side of the story:

It was my second time going down to Puerto and once again, it was an epic trip. I made a bunch of new friends, got some great barrels and had a couple of good beat-downs (from the wave that is).

Surprisingly, the Central Surf Pro ended up getting a really fun swell. We had 6 to 8-foot surf with occasional 10-foot surf over the 3-day competition at the Mexican Pipeline. In between the high tide and occasional rip through the lineup, the waves were about as fun as they could have been. The wave was doing what it does best, offering up a barrel and justifying its name well. The wave was also living up to its power by breaking nearly every competitor's equipment– be it a board, paddle, or even competitors' bones, as we saw with Jesse Ledy’s shoulder. There was definitely some strength in the wave for not having a ton of size.

Throughout the three days of competing, we saw great surfing and some really awesome barrels from everyone. Scott Chandler had one wave in particular where he nabbed the only 10-point ride of the contest from a left drainer.

The event had a really cool format to it, starting with three rounds of 5-man heats running for an hour. The top two scores from each competitor in each round would be added together to decide who would move onto the 4-man semi-final heats. From the semi-finals, the top two placers in each heat would advance to the final.

The final kicked off with Drew Brophy, Jesse Ledy, Carlos Bahia, and myself. After some thumping barrels and equally exciting wipeouts were delivered, the final saw Carlos Bahia taking fourth, Drew Brophy third, Jesse Ledy second and myself coming away with the win. I was pumped, to say the least.

Thank you Puerto Escondido and Central Surf for another great event. – Sean Poynter

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