#PPG2016 Webcast to Air on Facebook LIVE Today And Tomorrow!

#PPG2016 Webcast to Air on Facebook Live This Week!

Missed the live webcast for #PPG2016? Missing #PPG2016 altogether? Well, you’re in luck. SUP magazine will be airing the full webcast from all three days of the 2016 Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life via Facebook Live this Tuesday and Wednesday December 13 and 14. Our edit staff will be hosting a discussion in the comments during the showing, so feel free to dive into the conversation and ask us some questions. Just tune in to @supthemag on Facebook and join the action!

Facebook Live Re-Air Schedule

Tuesday, December 13, 11am - 3:55pm: #PPG2016 Days 1 and 2 Webcast Re-Air

Technical Races
-Pro Men’s Quarterfinals
-Pro Men’s Semifinals
-Pro Womens Semifinals
-Pro Junior Girls
-Pro Junior Boys

Wednesday, December 14: 11am - 4:33pm: #PPG2016 Day 3 Webcast Re-Air

Distance Races
-Pro Men’s
-Pro Women’s
Technical Races
-Pro Women’s Final
-Pro Men’s Final
Post Show
Pro Awards


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