P.E. class used to be an hour of physical activity during the school day where a bunch of sweaty, unruly kids would run around in a somewhat organized sport of the teacher’s choosing. You’d be one of two places: either running amuck on the blazing asphalt blacktop, or, doing pretty much the same in a stuffy gym. Now, it seems P.E. class is progressing, as a primary school in Taunton, England is changing the game and bringing SUP into their physical education program.

Mike Templeton, a teacher at Taunton’s North Town Primary School, joined forces with local a company,Active Adventure South-West, to bring SUP sessions to the young kids. The primary school decided to add SUP to their program to teach students that traditional sports aren’t the only sports out there. "Our philosophy is very much aimed at providing a rounded education for our children with academic, social, cultural and sporting elements of great importance,” Templeton told Somerset Gazette. "It is all about getting children to try something they have never done before and shows them there are lots of opportunities out there to get involved in sport."


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