Riviera Paddlesurf Introduces ECO Molded Blanks

San Clemente, Ca – Today Riviera Paddlesurf announces the launch of their 2016 line of boards built of ECO Molded Blanks, a technology they have developed in the past year. As a result of implementing the Eco-Molded Blank into the production process, Riviera produces essentially NO Waste EPS Foam.

"The major benefits of molding our blanks as opposed to shaping them is that we make a perfect shape every time, we get consistent foam densities with the exterior of blank being approximately 30% stronger, also we produce essentially no waste or scrap EPS Foam. We use only as much foam as we need to build a board. The traditional way of shaping a board out of a block of EPS foam produces about 2 extra boards worth of waste on top of the 1 board you make. Stretch that out to a production run of 100 Boards that is 200 extra boards worth of scrap EPS foam. This is a big step forward in the manufacturing of our SUP's and we are excited to implement ECO Molded Blanks on the top 12 Boards in our Standup Paddleboard Line."

About Riviera Paddlesurf

Riviera Paddlesurf was founded on a families love for SUP Surfing. Just the same today, the Rambo family owns and operates Riviera Paddlesurf while actively living a SUP lifestyle, which draws paddlers, athletes, and cultural influencers to become a part of Riviera.

Since day one, we've paddled ahead to innovate and give as much back to the sport of SUP as we have gotten out of it. With nearly 10 years into building SUP's, Riviera has become known for their quality and high performance SUP shapes. Our responsibility is to the sport of SUP, along with the people and environment that sustain it. We are committed to make Riviera as respected for our impact as we are for our products. In doing so, we will help to make SUP, and our lifestyle, sustainable well into the future…for our team riders, dealers, factories and employees.

To learn more about Riviera Paddlesurf Products, please contact:

Taylor Rambo, Media Relations

Office: (949) 388-6999

Email: taylor@rivierapaddlesurf.com