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Helm, Wylde win Surftech Duelathlon Titles

There's something about Santa Cruz and the Surftech Surf and Sand Duelathlon that always makes the athletes earn it. At the race at Cowell’s Beach Saturday, Slater Trout pulled out a tough win against a really solid field in marginal, stormy conditions while Morgan Hoesterey won on the women's side, fighting through side chop and bumpy seas.

Likewise in the surf, paddlers had to fight through difficult conditions with small surf and onshore winds. But then Sunday made everything worth it. The Shootout at Steamer Lane climaxed on Sunday with fantastic 5-6-foot surf, sunny skies and favorable winds. Ryan Helm, who finished third in the race, edged out Slater Trout and last year’s overall champ, Chuck Glynn, when he advanced to the finals of the surf contest, where he finished second behind Bernd Roediger. Brandon Rambo ended in third while Matt Becker ended fourth.

On the ladies side, Fiona Wylde capped off a stellar weekend by winning the surf event after finishing second in the race. Morgan Hoesterey finished second overall with Santa Cruz local Kali’a Alexiou ending in third.

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Overall Surftech Duelathlon Results

1. Ryan Helm
2. Slater Trout
3. Chuck Glynn

1. Fiona Wylde
2. Morgan Hoesterey
3. Kali’a Alexiou

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Men’s SUP Surfing Shootout Results
1. Bernd Roediger
2. Ryan Helm
3. Brandon Rambo
4. Matt Becker
5. David Boehne
5. Slater Trout
7.Chuck Glynn
7. Brennan Rose
9. John Alexiou
9. John Griffith
9. Brent Pascoe
9. Giovanni Perez

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Women’s SUP Surfing Shootout Results
1. Fiona Wylde
2. Morgan Hoesterey
3. Kali’a Alexiou
4. Kaila Pearson
5. Dianne Wenzel
6. Mel Wygal
7. Marlies Tallman
8. Leane Darling

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Photos: Jason Hall (J2P Media) and Joe Carberry