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When an assailing tiger shark attempted to have 25-year-old surfer Colin Cook for supper, rescue came in the form of, well, a SUPer… Photo: @surfcolin401

Standup Paddler Rescues North Shore Surfer From Nearly Lethal Tiger Shark Attack

On October 9th, 25-year-old Colin Cook was surfing off Oahu's North Shore at Leftovers surf break—north of Chun’s Reef and south of Alligator Rock—when suddenly he was fighting for his life with a 12-foot tiger shark.

The vicious attack left Cook less one leg, but thanks to his rescuer—a nearby standup paddleboarder—he survived.

According to Hawaii News Now, Cook said the shark came out of nowhere and the impact felt like "getting hit by an 18-wheeler." He was then gripped by the legs and dragged underwater, but after repeatedly punching it, the surfer was able to break free so he could scream for help.

Cook hopes to be back in the water within a month. Photo: @surfcolin401

Cook hopes to be back in the water within a month. Photo: @surfcolin401

That’s when 33-year-old paddleboarder Keoni Bowthorpe jumped into action and paddled over to the distressed surfer. Cook and Bowthorpe described the terrifying ordeal to Surfline.

"The shark was still dragging me by my board," Cook said. "It was just dragging me around and [Keoni] was able to hit it with his paddle."

While Bowthorpe continued to push the shark back with his paddle, Cook was able to get on the 8-foot SUP and they began paddling to shore. However, they were far from safety as the shark began following them. That is when they caught a life-saving wave.

"On the way in Colin and I were able to catch a wave that helped close the distance to shore," Bowthorpe said. "That was key, because with the weight of us both the board was underwater and so was I."

Incredibly, they made it safely to shore, where shocked onlookers jumped into action and used a surf leash to put a tourniquet on Cook's thigh. Soon he was rushed to Queen's Medical Center where doctors were forced to amputate his left leg just above the knee.

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Colin Cook recovers at Queen Medical Center surrounded by his family. Photo: @surfcolin401

Nevertheless, Cook's spirits remain high and according to local news station KHON, doctors told him he can be back in the water in a month.

Cook credits Bowthorpe with saving his life and told KHON that he "definitely was like an angel, ascending from heaven." A GoFundMe campaign has already raised $69,000 to help Cook with medical expenses, including a prosthetic leg.

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