Photo: Jen Hayes

Photo: Jen Hayes

Trout, Augaitis Win Miami’s Orange Bowl Paddle Championships

As the annual Surf Expo wrapped up in Orlando, Fla. last weekend, industry pros and athletes headed down to Miami for the unofficial season opener, the Orange Bowl Paddle Championships, presented by Jimmy Lewis. With elite, sprint, and recreational races offered, droves of paddlers turned out to race through downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay.

Photo: Jimmy Lewis

Photo: Jimmy Lewis

Maui’s Slater Trout and Canada’s Lina Augaitis paddled to victories ahead of a stacked field of competitors in the 12'6 class of the elite race, each taking home a $3,500 cash prize. Thomas Shahinian, who was first to cross the line, won the unlimited class, while Elvin Maldonado took the win in the 14' class.



12'6 Elite Men:
1. Slater Trout
2. Fernando Stalla
3. Vinnicius Martins
4. Ryan Helm
5. Belar Diaz
6. Paolo Marconi
7. Ron Gossard
8. Joseph Morel
9. Joseph Cerdas
10. Ethan Luppert

12'6 Elite Women:
1. Lina Augaitis
2. Bailey Rosen
3. Kelsa Gabehart
4. Mini Cunha
5. Silvia Mecucci
6. Mary Anne Boyer
7. April Zilg
8. Dawn Ehman
9. Victoria Zatorski
10. Elizabeth Ruiz

14' Elite Men:
1. Elvin Maldonado
2. Jesse Kautz
3. Kieran Grant
4. Brad Ward
5. Andrew White
6. Rob Bitzkowski
7. Frank Dillenberg
8. Patrick Lopez
9. Brandon Rambo
10. Matt Arensman

14' Elite Women:
1. Morgan Blittner

Unlimited Elite:
1. Thomas Shahinian
2. Chip Bock

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