Slater Trout may only be 15 but he paddles like a man. The Hawaiian won the elite race of the Gulf Coast Standup Paddle Championships last weekend. Although the temperature and conditions were extreme, Slater kept his cool and a solid lead from the start of the race amongst the 60 plus Elite competitors over the 9 mile course.

"This was definitely one of my top three most brutal, physically and mentally draining races yet,” he says. “Nine miles in 92 degree weather with 100 percent humidity up swirling currents of inter coastal and dead flatwater in the Gulf.”

The race featured 100 competitors from North Carolina, Hawaii, California, Texas and the Caribbean. Race day saw near record high temperatures with calm water conditions.

Slater's performance was nothing short of dominating to win the Men's Elite race,” says event organizer Brody Welte. “He led the entire race and at his young age, showed why he is going to be a force to reckon with for a long time to come.”