Day one of the Main Event saw epic waves. 6 to 8-foot groomed Sunset was the order of the day as the very best in the world stepped up to do battle on day one of the Sunset Beach Pro.
From the first heat and on, spectators were kept on the edge of their seats for a display of incredible riding as Sunset Beach stayed true to form and delivered the goods once again.

Duane DeSoto showcased why he was a unanimous vote for a wildcard by embarking on a duel with fellow longboard World Champion Bonga Perkins for one of the most exciting match-ups of the day.
While Duane came out on top, Bonga also put on a masterclass of high performance turns in the beautiful conditions on tap at Sunset Beach.

Chuck Patterson continued his great form at Sunset Beach with a string of powerfully ridden waves that earned him his berth directly into Round 3 of the Main Event.
Also standing out in his heats was Nolan Keaulana, representing the west side of Oahu and the Keaulana family at this all important first stop on the 2012 Stand Up World Tour.

Kala Alexander proved his worth, earning his spot in Round 3 and emulating his solid performance in 2011. Also standing out was Noa Ginella, while Pomai Hoapili continued to make his presence felt to push through to Round 3.

Dave Muir put together a couple of solid waves, earning his spot directly into Round 3 and showing that he is right in his element at Sunset, where power surfing is the order of the day.
Starboard teammate Sean Poynter also finds his form to earn his way directly into Round 3, while a disappointed Zane Scwheitzer is edged out in the repercharge.

A newcomer to the Tour, Beau Nixon from Australia impresses the judges and crowds alike, having worked his way through the Trials and now into Round 3 of the Main Event. With consistently strong and technical surfing, Beau will be a name to watch out for in the future right here on the Stand Up World Tour.

Kai Lenny once again showcased why he is not only Sunset Beach Pro defending Champion (2010 & 2011), but also 2x World Champion with a strong display of high performance riding.
From critical turns to barrel riding, Kai’s confidant 2nd round heat makes an equally strong statement as to his intentions here at the Sunset Beach Pro, stop 1 on the 2012 Stand Up World Tour.

Frenchman Peyo Lizarazu demonstrated once again how well his powerful riding style is suited to the wave at Sunset, driving some beautiful lines in the perfect conditions on offer today. After a 4th here in 2010 and a 3rd in 2011, Peyo will be looking to move up the rankings here to the top spot, especially after tasting victory in Tahiti last year.

From Leco Salazar’s strong performance today, to legends Aaron Napoleon and Arsene Harehoe (Rogue), Kai Sallas and young guns Caio Vaz (Art in Surf – who scored the best barrel of the day) and Benoit Carpentier (Naish) from France, the standard on the Stand Up World Tour has gone through the roof. There is no doubt that 2012 will be the most fiercely contested year yet, as Kai Lenny defends, and the rest of the world attack.
Here Antoine Delpero fights his way back in amidst incredibly stiff competition in the form of Brenan Rose and the Big Island’s Bullet Obra.

True to form for the 3rd annual Sunset Beach Pro, we have a high surf advisory in effect for today, Monday 13th February, with 10 to 12-foot surf (16 to 23-foot faces) predicted for the final day of the 2012 Sunset Beach Pro.

Courtesy Tristan Boxford

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