If you’re in the midwest and you’ve ever wanted to build an SUP, here’s your opportunity; in this one-week workshop you can learn how to build a standup paddleboard and paddle. Walk away from the class with board-building techniques, an understanding of proper paddle construction and get hands-on practice throughout the course.

Students will learn:
• Surfboard dynamics and design
• How surfboard features contribute to a board’s performance
• Make a pattern
• Loft the pattern
• Make a close-tolerance blank
• Shape a blank
• Stipple and fill a blank
• Composite theory, (we use epoxy but we cover other layup schedules as well)
• Fiberglassing
• Finbox, Deckplug, and Vent installation
• Filling and finishing
• Paddle design theory
• Paddle construction

Class time is 4 hours each evening for eight consecutive days, held in Traverse City. By the end of the class, students will be able to:
• Understand surfboard design features and how they contribute to the board’s performance
• Have hands-on practice with every step required to build a surfboard and paddle
• Be fully capable of building many surfboards and paddles
• Have notes and handouts from each session

Cost is $85.00
This class usually fills quickly so sign up early to reserve you place.

For more info:
Larry Bordine 231-941-5322 or 321-357-0339;