Last night, an estimated 11.5 million viewers witnessed a Southern California couple jump over one of the greatest relationship hurdles known to man: how to get their dogs comfortable riding standup boards.

National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer follows one Cesar Millan as he solves the world's dog problems, from over aggressive canines to rude pooches ruining parties. Tahoe SUP owner Nate Brouwer and partner Charnae Wright want to get their dogs on the water so they solicit the help of Millan

The show was a tremendous boost, not only for the confidence of the couple's pets, but for the sport of standup as a whole. "Eleven and a half million people is a tremendous amount of exposure for the growing sport of standup paddling," said Marc Spitaleri, president of Victory Kore Dry, whose product was featured in the prime time slot along with TahoeSUP. "The amount of people being exposed to SUP and the story line being so positive was beyond cool."

Check out an excerpt from the episode here.