In late June, 2010, Matteo Neri snapped this photo of Marco Bosi and I. We were lucky enough to get in a quick afternoon downwind run on the east side of Giglio Island, the second-largest island in the Tuscan archipelago off of Italy's west coast. We left from Arenella Beach, heading back to Giglio's main port, hoping not to catch our fins on the rock outcroppings extending out into the shallow, pristinely-clear Mediterranean waters. Just past the point you see on the left side of the picture is where, on Friday, January 13, the ill-fated Costa Concordia cruise liner struck the same rocky, shallow shelf around the island's perimeter. The on-going story has been making international headlines as rescue workers continue to find missing passengers (the accident has claimed 16 lives thus far). A fuel spill from a ruptured tank would be an ecological disaster. That possibility gave us pause to revisit this SUP touring dream destination, one of the last truly wild parts of Tuscany. This feature that ends on the island and looks into Italy's burgeoning SUP scene, originally ran in our Fall 2010 edition. — Dave Shively

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