It’s about that time. The Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle is this weekend and we at SUP Magazine are giving you the chance to compete for some awesome prizes by ranking your favorite paddlers.

The concept is simple: Pick the 10 paddlers that you hope will ride you to victory, in both the men's and women's divisions, for the final of the elite surf race at the Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle (remember, they have to qualify for the final in preliminary heats). Then tune in on for live updates Saturday, September 29th 2012 as the best go head to head in Dana Point, California.

Pick the winner and you get ten points, the second place finisher, nine points, third place, eight, fourth place pick is worth seven and so on in both categories. If you were to somehow pick every placing in both the men's and women's field, your sheer brilliance would be worth a whopping 110 points. Winners will be announced Monday, October 1. Click here to enter.

Scoring Chart:
1st place pick = 10 points
2nd place pick = 9 points
3rd place pick = 8 points
4th place pick = 7 points
5th place pick = 6 points
6th place pick = 5 points
7th place pick = 4 points
8th place pick = 3 points
9th place pick = 2 points
10th place pick = 1 points

In case of a tie, winner will be chosen via random drawing.

One first-place finisher will win a Gerry Lopez paddle from Kialoa and a Futures Fins set up for your race, surf or touring board.
One second-place finisher nabs a GoPro Hero2 with all the goodies and a chance to be a POV star.
Eight third-place finishers win a pair of Rainbow Sandals.

Check out last year's finishers here, and watch the tide charts and surf forecasts to make your predictions. Just like picking your fantasy football team, knowing paddlers' strengths and where they've placed throughout the year is a great way to insure good scores (check the back pages of for event coverage).

Four-day Forecast:

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