Huge in Europe
French organizers bring first Euro SUP championship to Mediterranean:

During the Festival of the Spring, 2010 in Sainte Maxime, the CIGALE Surfing Club du PAYS des MAURES and the SUNSHORT company present the Euro SUP Championship the weekend of May 29-30.

The two planned events include:

1. Two races (a relay in the morning and a race in the afternoon) in Sainte Maxime on Saturday, May 29.
2. A long distance race of 14 km in Saint Tropez on
Sunday, May 30.

This event will be the First EUROPEEN SUP RACE CHAMPIONSHIP
and 5000€ Prize Money. Along with the competition, various demonstrations will be presented in Sainte Maxime including intro to standup paddling and a presentation on the discovery of dugouts.

Projected Dates program:
Saturday, May 29 and Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spots (Spotlights):

For Sainte Maxime it is situated Beach of the city center (place chosen to welcome 2 events: a Relay and a Race.
For Saint Tropez the course is twice made, allocates of the
beach of Cannebiers (sailing school of Saint Tropez) go up to the red lighthouse then, return in passing in front of “Madrague” and arrived in front of the sailing school of Saint Tropez.

Saturday, May 29, 2010 in Sainte Maxime:
9h / 10h: welcome of the participants and confirmation of the registrations
10 am / 10:30 am: briefing
11 hours: launch of the relay 2 pm launch sup race 16 hours at the end of epreuves

Sunday, May 30, 2010 in Saint Tropez:
9h / 10h: welcome of the participants and confirmation of the registrations10 hours (am) / 10:30 am: briefing
11 hours: launch of the long test(event) outstrips.
Prize-giving at 4:30 pm in Sainte Maxime

Village of tents under which will be installed the biggest marks representing the Stand Up Paddle in the world, some novelties associated with the evolution of the Stand Up Paddle will be presented, of the initiation is planned on Sundays afternoon on Sainte Maxime.

The Brazilian atmosphere of the Festival of the spring will cheer up the day, the musicians and dancers will pass in the village.

A French painter of the world of the surfing Celine Chat, should be present to create on two days, a wall picture which will be the reflection of our weekend, She will be exposed on the podium on Sundays evenings (will serve as bottom for the prize-giving).

Surfrider Foundation should also be present, to make
sensitive the public in the protection AND saving of our seas, oceans, lakes and rivers.

A tent will be dedicated to the shape, a local shapper will showand will explain the manufacturing of a surfing and\or a longboard.

In Sainte Maxime in the afternoon of Sunday, May 30th, 2010, Initiation, discovery of the stand up and special surfers paddle events.

In Sainte Maxime on Saturdays mornings, a race relay: 4x1km by team of four (one or two women minimum / team)
In Sainte Maxime on Saturdays after noon, a race of 7 km: along the center beach of the city center (5X1.4km)
In Saint Tropez on Sundays, a race of 14 km all along the coast of St Tropez from the sailing school of cannebiers to Saint Tropez (2x7km)

Authorized Board:
Relay Events and of Race SUP of Saturday, May 29
Board of 12'6 maximum
Event of Long distance of Sunday, May 30
Lists (Classifies) 1 Board of 12'6 maximum
Lists (Classifies) 2 Board of 12'7 in 14
Classy maximum 3 Board of 14'1 and unlimited

Prize Money: 5000€ will reward the winners of the various Race, The first team of the relay, The first, the second and the third of the race 1, The first, the second and the third of the race 2, The first, the second and the third of the General races 1and 2

PreRegistration will be on site / the cost is : 40€ (Relais; Race1 and Race2), 25€ just for the Relais

by check order payable to:
La cigale surf club du pays des maures.

Visit,, or e-mail for more information.

Each registrant will receive a T-shirt of the event and a poster signed and numbered (there will be only 100) by Celine CHAT (for those who are registered for two races will be offered the shirt number in memory)