The final event of the 2012 Standup World Tour, with the holding period set to begin Tuesday, December 11 in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), is shaping up to be a classic. Sean Poynter (1), Leco Salazar (2), and two-time World Champion Kai Lenny (3) are all in contention for the World Title coming into the Location X. Salazar overtook Lenny by a single point after coming up big and defending his home turf in Brazil where he finished second.

The Location X competition will utilize something never seen before in the competitive standup world: a mobile venue, thanks to the Moorings Yachts that will be hosting the riders and event staff. Basically, the boys will be scoring the best surf in BVI, boating from one spot to another, depending on the shifting conditions.

"There'll be swell, it is just a question of where?" Tristan Boxford, CEO of the Waterman League, says. "Given the complete mobility we have, we have a real advantage aboard the boats to find the best spot."

The BVI offer some world-class surf: perfect pointbreaks and heaving beachbreaks, all in a carribbean island setting. Boxford says they're looking at a number of locales, but that they have their hopes set on the infamous Cane Garden Bay, a fast, shallow, reeling right point that would be a perfect showcase. Not that it's a playful wave: good north swells lurch off the point in a heaving barrel section over burly coral heads then run into an inside bowl before tapering off into the bay.

Boxford is amped on the possibilities.

"I think everyone is on form and will be looking for the win," Boxford says. "This is the tightest title race yet, where the contenders all have to make it to the finals to win."

Here are five title scenarios headed into the BVI:

1. If Lenny wins the event, Poynter (currently ranked first) has to be 4th or better to secure the title.

2. If Salazar wins, Poynter has to be 3rd or better to win the title. Otherwise it’s Salazar’s.

3. Lenny needs to win the event to secure the title, or finish ahead of Leco with Poynter out of the top 4.

4. Robin Johnston could also take the title but only if he places high and Poynter, Lenny, and Salazar drop out early. Long odds.

5. If Poynter wins, he takes the title, hands down.

There are a number of swells shaping up for next week and Boxford will make the first call on Tuesday, December 11th. A mid-period east swell is looking good for mid-week while long-term buoys are showing a potential north for the end of the week. —Will Taylor

Final Ranking’s Headed into BVI
1. Sean Poynter (US)
2. Leco Salazar (BRA)
3. Kai Lenny (HI)
4. Robin Johnston (HI)
5. Justin Holland (AUS)
6. Benoit Carpentier (FRA)
7. Caio Vaz (BRA)
8. Mo Freitas (HI)
9. Chuck Patterson (US)
10. Zane Schweitzer (HI)
11. Dave Muir (AUS)
12. Noa Ginella (HI)
13. Beau Nixon (AUS)
14. Ian Vaz (BRA)
15. Duane DeSoto (HI)
16. Keahi de Aboitiz (AUS)
17. Connor Baxter (HI)
18. Dave Boehne (US)

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