A surfer was arrested in Santa Cruz on Monday for allegedly vandalizing the vehicle of a male standup paddleboarder. It was the third time the SUPer’s vehicle has been vandalized while parked at 38th Avenue and East Cliff Drive for a SUP session. After the second incident, the paddler installed a camera on his vehicle in an attempt to catch a vandal in the act.

It worked. The video footage was good enough to arrest Donald Warren Darst, 62, an attorney, for suspicion of felony vandalism. The damage on the vehicle consisted of deep, six-to-eight inch scratches, estimated at $3,000 worth of damage. The SUPer believes that the acts of vandalism have stemmed from surfers being territorial and disliking standup paddlers.

“It’s unfortunate that they have to be us-against-them—this isn’t a bunch of juveniles,” deputy April Skalland from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “And here he is destroying another person’s property and making him spend a lot of money to fix it.”