A 40-mile circumnavigation of the Devil's Isle? There's no illusions here. Bermuda's first SUP race—The Devil's Isle Challenge—kicks off today. Photo: Plastic Tides

A 40-mile circumnavigation of the Devil’s Isle? There’s no illusions here. Bermuda’s first SUP race—The Devil’s Isle Challenge—kicks off today. Photo: Plastic Tides

The Devil’s Isle Challenge | Bermuda’s New SUP Race Starts Today

What comes to mind when you think of Bermuda? A devious polygon? A catchy Beach Boys groove? Nostalgia from an old Bond flick?

Beyond the melodia, the media and the folklore, you’re looking at a tropical paradise in the heart of the Atlantic, ripe for a SUP challenge unlike anything we’ve seen yet. And today, the Devil’s Isle Challenge brings to this taboo triangle that reality, via a 40-mile SUP race with philanthropic intent.

Hosted by the environmental nonprofit Plastic Tides and based out of the paradisaical Somerset Bay, the Devil's Isle Challenge is a two day paddling event that’s part adventure race, part family friendly event, part fundraiser. The event invites competitors to test their mettle against a 40-mile circumnavigation of Bermuda, with a hefty hand full of world-class adventure racers in attendance. There’s even a live tracker of the event, so fans, friends and family can track the contenders progress from afar.

Contenders for the 2017 America’s Cup—slated to take place in Bermuda next year—are in town training, and they’ve picked up on the Devil’s Isle Challenge. The event will host two four man relay teams from Oracle Racing Team USA, one competing on surfski and one on SUP. A group from Artemis Team Sweden will also be racing, and event organizers expect to see competitors from Softbank Team Japan join in for the event as well. Other esteemed athletes include professional SUP enthusiast and Naval fighter pilot Michael Valenzuela as well as four-time Olympian Anders Gustafsson. 

Plastic Tides is renowned for their efforts in using SUP to gather research in the fight against single use plastics. But in the case of the Devil’s Isle Challenge, their focus is philanthropy. All proceeds from the race will go toward creating a summer paddling program for Bermudian kids. All in all, the Devil’s Isle Challenge is far more than just a SUP race.

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