Do you feel like making SUP history? Help us help you.

The crew over at Red Bull is known for helping their team riders do things bigger, bolder and better. Well heads up: now they want to get you involved.

They're mission is to bring your big idea to life with their new Launchpad contest. The premise is pretty simple: jump in front of a camera and give your quick pitch for something unique you'd like to see happen. Obviously, the bigger and bolder the better, but it should be something that's obtainable. When you’re done, simply upload your pitch on the Red Bull Launchpad site.

So we can’t do this without throwing our hat in the arena. Who’s SUP mag endorsing? Last year, Karen Wrenn and her team pitched the idea of surfing the longest wave in the world using a submarine, riding from Cortez Bank to Dana Point Harbor. Check out the peeler coming off that sub (below). The Channel Island’s pioneer would make history with the help of our nation’s finest.

Got a better one for standup? Pitch it here and then shoot your idea to us via and we’ll give you air time.

The idea with the most votes gets set free. Click here to enter.