Video: First Ever Triple Board Transfer — SUP to Surf to Skim

Here we witness the first triple board transfer — from SUP to surfboard to skimboard — in documented wave riding history, performed by Austin Keen and cut by Mostic Inc. Its significance is still under debate (indeed, it’s debatable whether the feat is significant at all), but the fact remains — in the eyes of any human between ages 4 and 14 — board transfers will forever be the cats pajamas. Beyond the prepubescent community, we find a few points that bolster the “significant” side of the debate:

1) The transfer utilizes not one, not two, but three different wave riding crafts (SUP, surfboard and skimboard).

2) The video thoroughly displays two of SUPs greatest capabilities as a wave riding tool — the ease of catching a wave and the ability to paddle with a quiver on the nose of one’s board (great for those long paddles to the outer reef).

3) Board transfer master himself, Jamie O’Brien, has yet to accomplish the same feat at Pipeline (which we expect will change shortly after he sees this video, most likely inside a barrel).

On the “not-so-significant” side of things, we have the inconsequential wave size, the unpracticality of the feat as a general wave riding maneuver and the downright silliness of its looks.

Click play and judge for yourself.