Woman To Attempt SUP Crossing of English Channel

Lizzie Carr is attempting to become the first female to solo standup paddleboard across the English Channel to support her Plastic Patrol campaign.

After the huge success of her Plastic Patrol campaign cleaning UK waterways of plastic on her Red Paddle Co. paddleboard, Lizzie Carr has set herself the mammoth challenge of paddling alone across the English Channel next week (May 15).

Showing quite the 'girl power' mentality, Lizzie has already been featured on Sky News for her efforts and paddled 400 miles of England's waterways after doing her bit for the environment. Carr is currently in full-prep mode to overcome her biggest challenge to date. Kicking things off in Dungeness, Carr will paddle 24 miles of unpredictable tides, strong currents and relentless winds. If all goes well, she is set to finish her incredible journey in Boulonge.

With a nine solid hours of paddleboarding ahead, as well as negotiating the busiest shipping lanes in the world, Carr will definitely need to remain on top of her game. Her Plastic Patrol campaign certainly acted as a great introduction to the paddleboarding world, but her next challenge is undoubtedly a big step up.

Making a change through SUP

Carr's impressive strength and fitness will help paddle her forwards, alongside her main incentive to drive awareness for her #PlasticPatrol campaign. Being an avid environmentalist herself, Carr is hoping to reach her goal of removing as much plastic from our coastlines and waterways by the end of 2017.

Every four miles, Carr will be collecting water samples using a trawler net to be used for micro plastic analysis at a later date. At present, 80% of all marine debris originates from our inland sources, a significant issue that Carr is actively trying to highlight. Working closely with Plymouth University, Lizzie will be analyzing all of her findings and attempting to track the path of the wasted debris from its original source to the ocean.

Fighting for Change

An increasingly difficult issue to tackle, our environment is becoming more and more litter and plastic polluted, a problem that would probably put off most, but not Lizzie Carr. Attempting to trace the root of the problem through extensive analysis, Carr hopes she'll be able to identify particular movements that will allow further research and awareness for this significant global issue. At present we annually spend £1 billion combatting litter and plastic pollution in the UK alone.

Join the Campaign

If you're feeling inspired, Lizzie will be scouring the UK for anyone keen to make a change, to join her in a series of standup paddleboarding clean up sessions. Regardless of whether you've tried SUP before or not, everyone will be able to have a go at paddleboarding and help with Lizzie's Plastic Patrol efforts.

In addition to her paddleboarding clean ups, Lizzie shall also be launching a Plastic Patrol app for users to mark significant spots they're finding plastic and to help identify where the bigger issues lie within the UK. With its global presence, users from all over the world will be able to actively interact with the app, that will eventually lead to the first global interactive mapping system for plastic pollution.

Pushing the Limits

Despite strongly believing in her campaign, Lizzie is still apprehensive about the challenge.

"I am nervous about the challenge. I've been training hard but crossing will be unpredictable and although you can plan as best as possible, some things will be out of our hands. Conditions at the moment are too dangerous to cross but this gives me more time to train and prepare, which is always welcome. It’s so important to get the message out there about plastic pollution. Although this will be tough, knowing I have so much support and goodwill will really help push me."


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