(Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.) – Over 100 standup paddlers gathered on a picture perfect evening May 24th to compete in the first race of the 2012 YOLO Board Race Series, presented by Destin Real Estate Company. The race event includes a four-part series of monthly relay races from May to August, held on Western Lake in the resort community of WaterColor.

Top three finishing teams in each division include:

1) Team On It: Bernadette Leach, Theresa Woodley, Donna Bandy, Nancy Walthes
2) Unbalanced: Terry Strohmeyer, Jessica D'Aleo, Amanda Martin, Gina Seton
3) Booyah: Michelle Janczewski, Aimee Buchanan, Allison Harden, Stacey Troy

1) Team Deliverance: Jack Archer, Brad Fenn, David Stowe, Chris Ogle
2) Marie's Bistro: Adam Boyer, Jake Williams, Cody Nail, Marty Sanders
3) Grayton Beach Fitness: Paul Hunter, Zach Rettig, Stephan Haluska, Rick Moore

Next Level
1) YOLO: Justin Cook, Matt Wise, Kyle Gallagher
2) GUSU: Matt McDonald, Trapper Chechak, Pete Buzzeli
3) Homeskillet: Phil McDonald, Steve Reeves, Sambo Serrato

*To view complete race standings, please visit YOLOrace.com