Tommy Lloy, keepin' it vertical.

Photos by Chuck Graham

Standup surfing as a sport knows no bounds, as was evident last weekend in Ventura, Calif. where 60-odd athletes met at C-Street for the Ventura Paddle Surfing Championships, part of the U.S. Waveski Nationals. Vertical turns off the lip, ridiculous rail-to-rail cutbacks and even some good old fashioned nose-riding proved that everything's on the table for SUP surfing, and that the possibilities are limitless.

"The conditions were really fun all day," said Tommy Lloy, who won both the open division and his age class with incredible speed and powerful, precise surfing. "We were all really pushing each other out there."

Earlier in the week there was scuttle online from locals displeased with having their home break taken over for a contest–especially one that involved paddles. But there were no incidents during the two-day event and the vibe in the water remained positive throughout (aside from a few free surfers dropping in on competitors).

That didn't mean C-Street didn't inflict carnage: Junior paddler CD Kinley took a digger just before the event started and busted open his lip on the cobblestone bottom while Sean Poynter, who finished third in the open event, tweaked his already balky shoulder. But the worst injury came when Peter Trow dislocated his shoulder in the middle of the Saturday morning rounds, having to crawl out of the water and hail a ride to the hospital. "They found a small fracture in there," said the Central Coast charger.

Saturday's Open final was standup surfing nirvana, as Chuck Patterson, Colin McPhillips, Sean Poynter and Tommy Lloy met for the finale. McPhillips and Lloy have battled it out plenty of times before during their longboarding days (McPhillips is a three-time world champ).

With clean, early afternoon conditions, the 24-year-old Lloy would continually start "Toes-on-the-Nose," then drive down the line, gaining speed with a series of well-placed paddle strokes before bashing the lip in a vertical maneuver. He beat his buddy McPhillips for the win. "Colin is like my brother. I was always chasing him growing up," Lloy said. "It was nice to get by him out there. I was stoked on the win." Lloy took home a free trip to Costa Rica, compliments of Loma Del Mar Surf Club. "I was even more psyched on that," he said. –JC

1. Tommy Lloy
2. Colin McPhillips
3. Sean Poynter
4. Chuck Patterson

1. Joe Rowan
2. Alex Nakoa
3. Frank Umipig

1. Colin McPhillips
2. Chuck Patterson
3. Michael Roberts
4. Chris Gutzeit

1. Tommy Lloy
2. Dave Boehne
3. Sean Poynter
4. John Curtin

1. Zane Schweitzer
2. Matthew Becker
3. CD Kinley

SUP magazine regrets the misspelling of any names in the results (taken directly from the scoring sheet)