After a weekend of stiff competition between many of the world’s top paddlers on Santa Cruz’s iconic West Side, repeat victors Mo Freitas and Fiona Wylde claimed overall titles at the 31st annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest. Sunny skies and ideal conditions provided a stunning showcase for the paddlers in the SCPF 10k/5k race, and Santa Cruz’s most renowned break, Steamer Lane, served up ample swell for the SUP surfing division as well as surf divisions in wave ski, kayak and whitewater kayak. The above imagery offers testimony to yet another successful year for the Santa Cruz Paddlefest. We’re already looking forward to next year!


Overall Men’s Champion: Mo Freitas

Overall Women’s Champion: Fiona Wylde

Men’s SUP Surfing Top-5

  1. 1. Mo Freitas
  2. 2. Bernd Roediger
  3. 3. Poenaiki Raioha
  4. 4. Daniel Hughes
  5. 5. Jeffrey Spencer

Women’s SUP Surfing Top-5

  1. 1. Izzi Gomez
  2. 2. Fiona Wylde
  3. 3. Annie Reickert
  4. 4. Kali’a Alexiou
  5. 5. Lara Claydon

Men’s SUP Race Top-5

  1. 1. Slater Trout
  2. 2. Ryan Funk
  3. 3. Josh Riccio
  4. 4. Mo Freitas
  5. 5. Noa Hopper

Women’s SUP Race Top-5

  1. 1. Fiona Wylde
  2. 2. Jade Howson
  3. 3. Genna Flinkman
  4. 4. Kali’a Alexiou
  5. 5. Carter Graves


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