The opening race event of the 2017 APP World Tour season—The Maui Pro-Am—was an impressive spectacle with the world’s top paddle athletes competing in one of the world’s most pristine paddling venues. From our experience on the beach and in the water, the imagery was so captivating that we had to pinch ourselves just to be sure we weren’t hallucinating in the sweltering Maui sun. But in the end, our camera crew and friends at the APP World Tour came away with some superb shots, along with heaps of outstanding of footage to prove once and for all the Maui Pro-Am did indeed happen, and that we were there to document and enjoy it in all it’s glory. These are some of our favorite shots from the weekend of world-class racing on Maui. And if after scrolling through you’re still hungry for more, you can rewatch the entire webcast from Day One and catch all the details and highlights linked below. That ought to top you off just right.

Day 1 Video Highlights, Recap and Full Results

Day 2 Video Highlights, Recap and Full Results