Day two of the Battle of the Paddle dawned warm and calm over the epicenter of Doheny State Beach. It didn’t disappoint. The Distance race started in glassy, balmy conditions for competitors with slightly larger surf than Saturday.

Travis Grant, the 2013 Molokai-2-Oahu champ who didn’t race in the Elite Battle yesterday due to a recently dislocated knee, proved that he’s the man to beat in the endurance realm with a win in the 14′ BOP Distance race. He had enough of a lead to limp his way across the finish line. Danny Ching was nearby but missed a small swell that Grant was able to capitalize on and take to the beach. Zane Schweitzer rounded out a great weekend after a sixth in the elite with a third in the Distance.


Strongman Chuck Glynn was the first across the finish line on his Unlimited board followed closely by Ryan Helm and Brennan Rose.

Annabel Anderson made her consecutive clean sweep of the BOP with her win in the Distance on Sunday after her hard-fought Elite win the day before. She won the Distance by over three minutes ahead of Australian Karla Gilbert (who finished third in the Elite the day before) and Canadian Lina Augaitis.

The day rounded out with Team Relays and an attempt at a Guinness World Record attempt at the most people riding a wave.

Day One and Elite race wrap here.


Women’s Distance
1. Annabel Anderson
2. Karla Gilbert
3. Lina Augaitis
4. Jenny Kalmbach
5. Karen Wrenn
6. Fiona Wylde
7. Krisztina Zur
8. Shannon Bell
9. Celine Guesdon
10. Rachel Bruntsch

Men’s Distance
1. Travis Grant
2. Danny Ching
3. Zane Schweitzer
4. Beau O’Brian
5. Jake Jensen
6. Casper Steinfath
7. Eric Terrien
8. Kody Kerbox
9. Leonard Nika
10. Chase Kosterlitz
11. Slater Trout
12. Kai Lenny
13. Luiz Guida
14. Arthur Daniel
15. Lincoln Dews

Men’s Elite

1. Kai Lenny
2. Connor Baxter
3. Danny Ching
4. Casper Steinfath
5. Mo Freitas
6. Zane Schweitzer
7. Jake Jensen
8. Kelly Margetts
9. Lincoln Dews
10. Fernando Stalla

Women’s Elite
1. Annabel Anderson
2. Jenny Kalmbach
3. Karla Gilbert
4. Terrene Black
5. Mariko Strickland
6. Morgan Hoesterey
7. Rachel Bruntsch
8. Shannon Bell
9. Sondra Purser
10. Gillian Gibree