Chasing Gold World Premiere: Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Hundreds of fans showed up at Newport Beach’s Lido Theater to see the world premiere of award-winning filmmaker Brent Deal’s new movie “Chasing Gold.” The film follows the American team’s quest for gold at the 2015 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championships.

It may be Deal’s best work to date (he won SUP Awards for both H2Mexico and H2Indo). Through a series of candid, on-camera confessions, all the team members talk about the pressure, the highs, the lows and the funny in-between moments of representing their country on the international stage. Izzi Gomez’s emotional admissions, Dave Boehne’s wise-cracks and prone paddler Carter Graves’ stirring silver medal jitters all give the film an powerful punch that his other movies have only grazed.

These clips are interspersed with footage of the competition and commentary from the live webcast which greatly adds to the drama, including a riveting, extended drone shot that shows Danny Ching’s astonishing come-from-behind victory for gold in the distance race. Other highlights include Candice Appleby’s complete domination in both the technical and distance races, Jack Bark clapping for the competition and Sean Poynter’s gold-medal performance in SUP surfing. The Australian team had won the event three years running and America’s turn on top of the podium was anything certain. That uncertainty permeates the film and keeps you tied to the screen, even if you know the outcome.

If you missed the premiere, we’re sorry. But you’re lucky. You can watch the movie on Vimeo right now. If you’re still not convinced check out the photos of the premiere and then go watch the movie.

Chasing Gold is also up for Movie of the Year at the 2016 SUP Awards. Vote now.