Nicole Pacelli stands up for female and SUP surfers on a face at Peahi. Meanwhile local activists stand up for a GMO-free environment in the face of big-agriculture on Maui. Photo: Erik Aeder

Frames: Nicole Pacelli Battle Jaws, Hawaiians Battle GMOs

Photo: Erik Aeder

Throughout the Hawaiian Archipelago, freshwater run-off has created countless surf breaks, not only carving channels through the inshore coral reef systems (fresh water being coral Kryptonite), but distributing the lava rock that helps form legendary waves like Peahi, on Maui. Concern is mounting, however, that the proliferation of GMOs—genetically modified organisms—in crops and their accompanying pesticides are turning the island chain’s vital run-off into a toxic stew. That’s probably not on Nicole Pacelli’s mind as she drops down a Peahi bomb, but probably very much on her mind if she were to sit down for fresh sashimi aprés-paddle.

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