Gallery: Maui Dream Retreat 2017

Dreams are fickle. Good or bad, they are fleeting, ephemeral entities that are hard to pin down.

Such was the case with the 2017 Maui Dream Retreat: five days of paddling instruction on the one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii that went by far too quickly.

Participants got to experience a true slice of the Maui paddling life. They received instruction from the best paddlers in the business, including Zane Schweitzer, Suzie Cooney, Jeremy Riggs, Livio Menelau and Scott Trudon. They SUP surfed on the west side. They did beach training sessions like the pros. They took behind-the-scenes tours inside some of the best businesses in the sport. They got their R and R at Lumeria Maui. And, they paddled one of SUPs most hallowed stretches: the north shore’s Maliko Run, the crown jewel of downwind paddling.

It was a week to remember, even if it was over too fast. That’s why we hired legendary surf photographer Erik Aeder and multimedia specialist Matty Schweitzer to cover it for us: so we can relive the memories. And so we can convince you to join us next time.

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Thank you to SIC Maui, Black Project, Dos Equis, Kona Deep and Shelta Hats for making this event possible!