Imagery From the Rincon Beachboy

Paddlers from around the globe joined Puerto Rico’s paddling community at last weekend’s Sixth Annual Rincon Beachboy race. With over 300 paddlers competing in elite and open divisions, and $16,000 in cash prizes, it was an exciting two days of competition on Rincon’s shores.

The weekend saw an “epic Elite Race with shifting winds, currents and Tres Palmas waves,” says Race Director Hector Ruiz. Ryan Helm of Mexico paddled to a victory in the Men’s 14′ division, ahead of Sean Pangelinan from Guam and Bill Kraft of the US Virgin Islands. Mexico’s Javier Jimenez took the Elite Men’s 12’6 division, while Helga Goebel of Florida won the Elite Women’s 12’6.

While the competitive events were the highlights of the weekend, there were also plenty of extracurriculars, including an expo with gear, apparel, and local art, a raffle, and a “huge party at the beach and hotels all day [and], all night, with five bands,” said Ruiz.

The event raised $7,000 for local charities, including Salón Angelitos de Amor (“The Angels of Love Hall”), whose goal is: “to provide every child and young person with Down syndrome the same educational opportunities, recreational and social rights as other community youth.”

Check out the results:

1. Ryan Helm, Sayulita Mexico
2. Sean Pangelinan, Guam
3. Bill Kraft, USVI
4. Elvin Maldonado, Arecibo
5. Belar Diaz, Madrid
6. Ron Gossard, Ocean City
7. Jack Sauve, Isabela
8. Austin Hollingshead, Australia
9. Patrick Lopez, San Juan
10. Michael Vicens, San Juan
11. Alberto Colon, San Juan
12. Heifur Westerband, San Juan
13. Michael Leason, Isabela
14. Greg Carson, Rincon
15. Armando Kiko, San Juan
16. Tito Laffitte, San Juan
17. Miguel Angel Alvarez, Rincon
18. Luiz Mendez, Rincon
19. Nathan Mitchell, Rincon
20. Jorge Guillermo Rivera, Baja
1. Javier Jimenez, Mexico
2. Greg Jaudon, Isabela
3. Jorge Garcia, Canovanas
4. Jeremy Whitted, Daniel Island
5. Kevin De Armas, Aguadilla
6. Meldrick Velez, Carolina
7. Eduard Rivera, Arecibo
8. Kelvin Maldonado,Arecibo
9. Art Wible, Santurce
10. Javier Gorbea, Aguadilla
11. Jose Rovira, San Juan
12. Taylor Resnick, NY
13. David Rico, San Juan
14. Corey Taylor, SC
15. Ramon Mercado, Vega Baja
16. Victor MuÌtiz, Caguas
1. Helga Goebel, FL
2. Giselle Delgado Favier, San Juan
3. Kym Free, San Juan
4. Evelyn Odoherty, NY
5. Kim Reilly, MA
6. Juliana Perez, Bayamon
7. Andrea Baibeche, San Juan
8. Pamela Baez Gonzalez, Dorado
9. Cristina Martinez, Arecibo
10. Kim Hillhouse, GA
11. Trish Miller, FL
12. Naomi Soto, Aguadilla
13. Vanesa Rafols, Aguadilla

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