Jr. Pro and Youth SUP Fiesta Highlights

Groms gathered at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, Calif. on Sunday for the 2nd Annual Jr. Pro and Youth SUP Fiesta, hosted by Candice Appleby‘s and Anthony Vela‘s Performance Paddling. As the premier youth-only event in SUP, the Jr. Pro and Youth SUP Fiesta brought top juniors and kids from across the nation and, a few from as far as Brazil, to compete for an equal gender prize purse of over $5,000 in Surf City.

Conditions were consistent for the young competitors, with two- to four-foot sets and an occasional overhead set rolling in, and blue skies throughout the day. More than 75 groms got after it, racing and surfing in the sometimes daunting conditions. Given the challenging conditions, many of the younger age group paddlers were given one-on-one attention by the SUP Fiesta Water Patrol, made up of a pack of professional paddlers, which included Zane Schweitzer, Chuck Patterson, and Matt Becker, among others.

“The kids were incredible! The waves were pumping, which made for challenging conditions, but the kids didn’t hesitate to charge the sets. It was inspiring to say the least,” said Candice Appleby. “It was so much fun watching the kids surf. From the eight and unders to the junior pros, everyone’s surfing was pure entertainment. Their skill truly shows how far our sport has come, and in such a short time. The junior pros’ surfing was well beyond their years, and trust me, the adults were taking notes.”

The age group racing included seven heats of groms, including many first-time racers. Following the racing, the junior pros hit the water to compete in the world’s only junior pro SUP surfing contest. With the double elimination format, all junior pros were able to surf at least twice, allowing them to gain momentum throughout the day of competition. The level of SUP surfing was through the roof, with 2014 Jr. Pro champions Mo Freitas and Fiona Wylde performing consistently throughout the day to take the coveted spot atop the podium.

Beyond the big wins by Freitas and Wylde, there were also some incredible standout performances in the surf, including the impressive 9.33-point ride posted by Southern California’s Kai McPhillips, as well as Brazil‘s Felippe Gaspar, winner of the 12-14 age group and second place in the Boys’ Junior Pro division.

On the girls side, the always impressive Izzi Gomez put on an awe-inspiring performance throughout the entire event, posting the highest scores for the ladies, and laying down some strong rail turns. Young Hawaiian, Sasha Ka’uahane also put on amazing performance, with aggressive top turns and serious commitment on every wave.

At last year's inaugural event, no competitors took both surfing and racing titles, but at this second Jr. Pro and Youth SUP Fiesta, with the progression in competition and skills, there were six double title wins. Congratulations to Marvin Freitas, Kai McPhillips, Sasha Ka’uhane, Felippe Gaspar, Fiona Wylde, and Mo Freitas for winning both the race and surf events.

Continuing the special recognition of other standout SUP groms, Candice and Anthony awarded Alleanna Clark and Yuri Daberkow with the Ocean Minded Sportsmanship Award, while Max Fleming took home the Indo Board Report Card Improvement Award, Haakon Hoyer-Nielson received the FCS Academic Excellence Award, and Mo Freitas took home the Kicker Audio Best Maneuver Award.

“It was such a blessed day with the weather, waves and happy people!” Candice said. “I’m so grateful to our sponsors, volunteers, crew, athletes, friends and family for helping make the 2nd Annual Performance Paddling Jr. Pro and Youth SUP Fiesta a huge success.”


Surf Results:

8 & Under (Mixed)
1. Chargin Marvin Freitas
2. Malaya Ring
3. Scarlett Schremmer
4. Isabella Carreno
5. Jacob Brackett
9-11 Boys
1. Kai McPhillips
2. Chance Hendricks
3. Dax McPhillips
4. Alex Mawae
5. Guilherme Cunha
6. Dane Hillis
9-11 Girls
1. Sasha Ka’uhane
2. Leilani Lapointe
3. Alexandria Higginson
4. Delaney Kuepper
5. Jessica Brackett
5. Zoe Carter
5. Belah Ellis

12-14 Boys
1. Felipe Gaspar
2. Blue Engelking
3. Trent Carter
4. Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen
5. Josiah Brackett
6. Joshua Brackett
12-14 Girls
1. Mason Schremmer
2. Lola Schremmer
3. Christine Shoemaker
4. Anna Blackburn
5. Kali’a Alexiou
6. Josie Mawae
15-17 Boys
1. Sam Bark
2. Ryan Maloney
3. Myles Blazer
4. Trevor Bashor
5. Peter Shoemaker
6. Nick Scheel

Jr. Pro Surf Results

Jr. Pro Girls
1. Fiona Wylde $1000
2. Izzi Gomez $750
3. Vanina Walsh $500
4. Natalia Smith $350
Jr. Pro Boys
1. Mo Freitas $1000
2. Felippe Gaspar $750
3. Ridge Lenny $500
4. Bernd Roediger $350

Race Results (Top 3 Awarded)

8 & Under Mixed
1. Chargin Marvin Freitas
2. Malay Ring
3. Jacob Brackett
4. Walker Graham
5. Trevor Mencinsky
6. Kaile Nemeth
Boys 9-11
1. Kai McPhillips
2. Alex Mawae
3. Dax McPhillips
4. Rhys Staples
5. Dane Hillis
6. Guilhuerme Cunha
7. Conrad Rojas
8. Matix Springer
9. Phoeniz Sanchez
10. Chance Hendricks
11. Michael Cuda
12. Gavin Mencinsky
13. Jonas Graham
Girls 9-11
1. Sasha Ka’uhane
2. Alexandria Higginson
3. Jade Howson
4. Jessica Brackett
5. Zoe Carter
6. Elika Nemeth
7. Delila Quinn
8. Belah Ellis
9. Lyla Clark

Boys 12-14
1. Felipe Gaspar
2. Josiah Brackett
3. Haakon Hoyer-Nielson
4. Blue Engelking
5. Trent Carter
6. Joshua Brackett
7. Jonathan Lapointe
8. Ryan Funk
9. Tyler Bashor
Girls 12-14
1. Izzi Gomez
2. Christine Shoemaker
3. Jane Staples
4. Lara Claydon
5. Erika Benitez
6. Lexi Alston
7. Kali’a Alexiou
8. Anna Blackburn
9. Josie Mawae
10. Elan Lindsey
11. Sofia Sanchez
Boys 15-17
1. Mo Freitas
2. Noa Hopper
3. Max Fleming
4. Bernd Roediger
5. Myles Blazer
6. Nick Scheel
7. Ryan Maloney
8. Peter Shoemaker
9. Trevor Bashor

Girls 15-17
1. Fiona Wylde
2. Natalia Smith
3. Emily Bark
4. Alleanna Clark

Special Awards:

Ocean Minded Sportsmanship Award (girls): Alleanna Clark
Ocean Minded Sportsmanship Award (boys): Yuri Daberkow
Indo Board Report Card Improvement Award: Max Fleming
FCS Academic Excellence Award: Haakon Hoyer-Nielson
Kicker Audio Best Maneuver Award: Mo Freitas

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