Lloy and Appleby win the surfing, Kho and Wenzel win party…

The second annual King and Queen of Dogpatch at Southern California’s San Onofre State Beach last weekend wasn't about floaters or cutbacks or smackin' the lip (even though there was plenty of that too; see Tommy Lloy). No, the King and Queen of Dogpatch was about surfers donning construction outfits ala YMCA. And air guitar. Plenty of paddle air guitar.

A sputtering south swell that left surf in the knee-high range only accentuated the point: "It was just a fun day to get together," says Rainbow Sandals Pat Huber. "Dog Patch is the best place to have a paddle party." Located at the southern most end of  San Onofre, also called “Old Man’s,”  the Dog Patch is a designated paddle surf area at one of the most historically significant surf beaches in California.

The most significant award given away this weekend in the San O sand? The King and Queen of Dogpatch, which went to Billy Kho and Diane Wenzel. Both captured the crowns based on "how much positive energy they conveyed." The funky junkyard band returned this year too, the piano player/vocalist and drummer laying down catchy tracks from the back of an old blue pickup truck, while kids with hula hoops shook their hips to the beat.

Lloy spins to win.

The Rainbow Sandals’ King and Queen of Dogpatch was in direct support of the San Onofre Foundation, helping to preserve the natural environment along San Onofre and San Clemente State Beaches. —JC
All photos courtesy of Pat Huber. Check back as we update this selection. Click on photo for larger version.

The King and Queen of Dogpatch featured two divisions:
"Best-in-the-World and "2nd Best in the World."

Advanced Men
1. Tommy Lloy
2. Dave Kalama
3. Andrew McKinney
4. Byron Kurt
5. Braiang Haag
6. Jason Kenworthy

Advanced Women
1. Candice Appleby
2. Emmy Merrill
3. Elsa Harrison
4. Jamilah Star
5. Kristy Murphy
6. Claudia Struble

Intermediate Men
1. Greg Brunson
2. Chris Hamm
3. Brent Pascoe
4. Eric Lizerbram
5. Mike Skelly

Intermediate Women
1. Kaimaleea
2. Jennifer Kurt
3. Rhonda Daum
4. Manya Clark
5. Alicua Barry
6. Nicole McGinley