Kosterlitz and Bell Take Battle of the Bay

Chase Kosterlitz and Shannon Bell both had solid wins at last weekend’s Battle of the Bay in San Francisco. The weekend saw overcast skies and and challenging race conditions, but competitors came out to race before the Golden Gate Bridge in multiple events for cash prizes.

On Saturday, paddlers raced an 8.5-mile long course around the infamous island of Alcatraz and the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, with Kosterlitz and Bell both taking wins. Despite daunting race conditions, 13-year-old Sofia Sanchez completed the 8.5-miler as the youngest participant, earning her the title of Northern California Junior SUP Champion. Competitors also raced a 5-mile short course on Sunday, with times from each event combined to determine the overall event champion. After taking the long distance on Saturday, Kosterlitz and Bell again came back hungry for victory with wins in their respective divisions of the short course “Battlefield” race, sweeping the event.

Check out the results below:

8.5-mile SUP Pro Men
Chase Kosterlitz (1:23:31.14)
Arthur Daniel (1:26:11.38)
Belar Diaz (1:26:30.54)
Ben Sarrazin (1:33:51.77)
EJ Johnson (1:34:37.63)
Jeramie Vaine (1:37:31.10)
8.5-mile SUP Pro Women
Shannon Bell (1:38:03.27)
Halie Harrison (1:42:07.87)
Jennifer Fuller (1:42:44.77)
5-mile SUP Pro Battlefield
Chase Kosterlitz
Arthur Daniel (1:02:34.17)
Jay Wild (1:04:07.40)
Belar Diaz (1:04:37.22)
Jeramie Vaine (1:04:38.43)
5-mile SUP Pro Battlefield
Shannon Bell (1:09:29.53)
Halie Harrison (1:12:40.26)
Jennifer Fuller (1:15:11.46)
1-mile Grom SUP
Trent Carter (00:04:40.35)
Lucas Valois (00:04:45.15)
Phoenix Sanchez (00:04:55.85)
Clayton Tallman (00:05:02.09)
Delila Quin (00:05:22.68)

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