Maiden Mexico: The Gallery

In 2011, Jamie Mitchell, Dave Kalama, Chuck Patterson, Dave Boehne, Slater Trout, Talia Decoite and Connor Baxter boarded a boat in Indonesia and set out to explore the Mentawai Islands. The result was H2Indo, a documentary-paddle film by Brent Deal. It was one of the most well-received flicks in the sport's history.

Two years later that same group of paddlers—plus one of the best racers in the game, Danny Ching—met in Northern Baja to catch a ride on the Royal Pelagic and mine the length of the Baja coast for the best surf they could find. This photo essay from SUP magazine photog Jason Kenworthy documents their journey. —JC

This photo essay originally ran in our Spring 2014 issue.

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