Payette River Games | Behind-the-Scenes Gallery | A SUP Mag Exclusive

All photos: Greg Panas

After last weekend’s great success in Cascade, Idaho, where a vast majority of the elite SUP community gathered at Kelly’s Whitewater Park for the 2015 Payette River Games, the downriver SUP event is being hailed by many in the paddling community as the most fun occasion on the SUP racing agenda. But it isn’t all fun and games at the PRG. Wait, wait…no. That’s exactly what it is.

What we mean to say is, it’s not all SUP fun and games at the PRG. In fact, there are myraid more fun and games to be had during this epic weekend on the Payette. Beyond the SUPer-G (the event’s timed downriver slalom race) and the SUP Xross competition (a carnage-packed downriver contest in which five racers take to the course simultaneously), the Payette River Games also hosts beach volleyball, yoga, a beach flags game, a log-rolling contest, standing wave surf sessions, a dog fetching event and even a lumberjack competition. There’s hiking, hot springs and mountain streams. People camp, people drink beer, people barbeque. All in all, life is damn good for everyone involved.

Because the Payette River Games are so much more than SUP (as if that’s not enough), we thought it necessary to grace our readership with some behind-the-scenes snapshots of life during last weekend’s epic endeavor. The photos above are just an early appetizer to wet your pallet for next year, and we can just about guarantee the main course will be even more delectable than the last. Book your tickets now. We’ll see you June 16, 2016 (the date of next year’s PRG has already been announced) on the Payette.

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