Photo: Waterman League

Photo: Waterman League

Standup World Tour Announces Location X

Morocco will host this year’s Location X event, following directly on from the La Torche Pro France and running from November 8th – 16th. Final details are still being confirmed with all travel, logistic and broadcast details to be released next week.

While it will not be a rankings event this year, it will adopt the exhibition status, with full prize money and featuring the Top 20 athletes on the Men’s Standup World Tour, plus four wildcards.


There will then be a Trials event for international athletes, from which the Top 4 will advance into the Main event and a Moroccan Trials, to celebrate the emerging local talent. From the Moroccan Trials, the Top 4 will advance, to make a 32 man event.

The most unique part of this event will be the roving component. With hundreds of kilometers of coastline to choose from and pristine untouched pointbreaks during Morocco’s prime surf season, the foundations have been laid for an unparalleled experience for athletes and spectators alike and the and the ultimate close to a spectacular 2014 season.

Photo: Waterman League

Photo: Waterman League

World Series Finals Return to Turtle Bay

Next up: the World Series Finals at Turtle Bay from the 10th – 12th October

Next up on the the prestigious World Series Finals at Turtle Bay, that will conclude the 2014 season for the Stand Up World Series. Watch as the World’s best will return to Stand Up Paddling’s birthplace here in Hawaii for the dramatic close to the season, as World Champions are crowned and one of the most spectacular showcases of performance racing gets underway.

Entries are open at for both Open and Elite level competition, so register now.

Photo: Waterman League

Photo: Waterman League

Connor Baxter secures the 2014 World Title in advance of the World Series Finals

Huntington Beach saw some of the most dramatic Sprint Racing yet on the Standup World Series, as well as a long distance race to remember.

Connor Baxter wasn’t going to make any mistakes this year, and put on a dominant and strategic performance at the Huntington Beach Pro, edging to victory in the sprints ahead of a star studded field, and then again in the long distance, just ahead of Australia’s front runner, Jake Jensen.

This meant not only the event win, but also that Connor Baxter has secured the 2014 World Title ahead of the World Series Finals at Turtle Bay – an incredible achievement from the young Champion from Maui.

Photo: Waterman League/ Donavon 2014

Photo: Waterman League/ Donavon 2014

Izzi Gomez dominates to secure HB Title and 2014 World Tour Title

Izzi Gomez has already made the history books by winning more events on the World Tour than anyone over the past two years. She missed out on the Title in 2013, but this year, after a slow start at Turtle Bay, she turned it on, winning the next three events back to back in dominant fashion.

With three bullet wins out of five, she has rendered herself untouchable with just one event to go, thereby securing the well deserved 2014 World Title. It’s clear that Izzi Gomez has an incredible future ahead of her and watch out for her at the La Torche Pro France next month for the culmination of the 2014 Standup World Tour.

Photo: Waterman League DkB 2014

Photo: Waterman League DkB 2014

Kai Lenny Regains Lead in World Title Rankings

The scene is now set for one of the most dramatic and exciting closes to the 2014 Season for the Standup World Tour, as Kai Lenny regains the lead on the World Tour rankings for the first time this year, but just by a matter of points. An epic performance at Huntington Beach allowed Kai to secure his second win of the year, setting himself up for a real Title run.

The battle between Caio Vaz and Kai Lenny is one for the history books this year, as they both have two wins, with Kai holding a second and Caio with a third as their counting results. As we come into the Final event, they will be starting at opposite sides of the draw, and given their form so far this year, it’s not a shot in the dark to predict that they might end up in the Finals together.

The scenarios are that if Kai or Caio win the event, they win the Title. If Caio finishes in second, but ahead of Kai, he wins the Title. If they both go out before the final, Kai wins the Title.

Photo: Waterman League/DkB 2014

Photo: Waterman League/Donavon 2014

Candice Appleby is A Double Threat

With a dominant performance to take the win in the World Series Racing in Huntington Beach and a solid third place finish in the surfing, there is no doubt that Candice Appleby is a serious double threat on both the Racing World Series and Surfing World Tour.

As Grand Slam winner here in Huntington, Candice will be coming into the World Series Finals at Turtle Bay and the La Torche Pro France with confidence and momentum, hoping to bolster her rankings across both.

Photo: Waterman League/ DkB 2014

Photo: Waterman League/ DkB 2014

Mo Freitas Shows Strength on Both Tours

Mo Freitas has established himself as an unprecedented threat on both the Surfing World Tour and Racing World Series.

His committed rail to rail surfing has long impressed the world since his first World Tour win in Brazil a few years back, but his Racing is now also coming into its own, as he demonstrated this past weekend in Huntington Beach, with an outstanding 2nd place finish behind the 2014 World Champion Connor Baxter.

As he will head back to Turtle Bay for the World Series Finals, all eyes will be on Mo as he takes on the best of the best in this last dramatic race of the season, before heading out to France for the Finals of the Surfing World Tour.

Stay tuned to for more on the Standup World Tour and World Series.

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