Round 1 of the Location X Finals is completed in Anegada
After 2 days of minimal surf on the west side of Tortola, the World’s best competing at the Location X Finals in the British Virgin Islands headed out in search of waves. The most exposed island in the chain was the destination, as tension mounted in anticipation of the first round of action.
After a rough 3 hour plus crossing in heavy seas, the crew arrived at the remote island to find surf in the 2 – 3ft range – still in the trade wind swell pattern, the waves were softer than normal, but provided enough for the competitors to break the ice with the first round of competition here at Finalandia’s Location X Finals presented by The Moorings and in association with Starboard.

Top seeds advance through to the 3rd round of competition
While conditions were not ideal, there was a wide playing field with a lot of scoring potential. Stand outs from the day were Brazil’s Caio Vaz, who put together an impressive heat, linking together fluid and radical turns to put together the highest heat total of the day.

Sean Poynter advances directly to Round 3 with confidence
Sean Poynter kicks off his event campaign with a win in his first heat against fellow team mate Connor Baxter. With the Title at stake here in the British Virgin Islands, the pressure is on as it will all come down to these vital rounds to decide who will be crowned 2012 Champion of the World.

Outside Title Race Contenders show great form in Round 1
Outside Title Race Contenders Robin Johnston (Mistral) and Justin Holland secure their places in Round 3, as they look to finish their year on a high and keep themselves in the Top 5 overall for the year. As friends and travel buddies, Robin and Justin will have to put their friendship aside as they go for broke here in the British Virgin Islands.

Round 1 sees its fair share of fiercely fought out battles
Close heat battles create for some dramatic finishes in Anegada. The first being between team mates the young Frenchman Benoit Carpentier and Noa Ginella, as they went wave for wave, with Benoit taking the win by a matter of decimals.
Meanwhile Big Wave Dave Muir demonstrates that his skill is not limited to big waves with a strong showing in his heat against Chuck Patterson. However, late in the heat, Chuck managed to find a good section to hit and score the points he needed to advance directly to Round 3, again by a matter of decimal points.

Leco Salazar is a man on a mission here at Location X
Current World #2 Leco Salazar from Brazil puts on a fluid display of performance surfing to secure his spot in Round 3 in his heat against California’s favorite son, Dave Boehne. Leco will be looking for the win here to secure his first World Title for Brazil, as he sits on the opposite end of the ladder from ratings leader Sean Poynter for what will be the most exciting close yet for the Standup World Tour.

Keahi de Aboitiz turns heads with some critical turns
Keahi de Aboitiz demonstrated impressive form here at the Location X Finals. While he narrowly missed out on advancing through to the 3rd round, he will have a chance to get back into the game, as will all the athletes who missed out on advancing in Round 1.
Likewise, Zane Schweitzer will be looking for a strong finish here at the Location X Finals of the Standup World Tour, to mirror his spectacular 2011 finish at the Hawaii Island Finals.

The Moorings yachts provide unparalleled mobility
While the surf hasn’t been playing its part as well as we had hoped, the search aboard The Moorings boats has been a stunning adventure, showcasing the opportunity of being completely mobile with the event, providing the athletes with a diverse playing field on which to do battle and testing the true Champion here at Finlandia’s Location X Finals, presented by The Moorings and in association with Starboard.
With a good swell forecast for Sunday and Monday, we are expecting one of the most high performance showdowns yet in this magical Location X Finals destination of the British VIrgin Islands. So stay tuned and watch it live at as the World Title Race comes to a dramatic conclusion for 2012.

A big Mahalo to our Standup World Tour patrons
A big “Thank You” goes out to our Standup World Tour Patrons who support the continued growth and development of the Standup World Tour. As we come to a close of year 3, we have witnessed unprecedented development in equipment, performance and skill level, as the sport and the Standup World Tour continue to break new boundaries in all respects.

Tune into the Location X Finals this weekend live
Tune into the morning show tomorrow morning live from the Bitter End Yacht Club and check in with the world’s best as the 2012 World Title Race comes to a close. You can watch the live broadcast at and follow updates on facebook, twitter and instagram (Standup World Tour / SUWT).

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