One of our favorite parts of flipping open a new magazine is gawking at all the incredible imagery. There’s just something special about seeing the vivid colors bleed across the page to create a moment that’s frozen in time forever. It allows you time to soak in every miniscule detail and revel in the beauty of a far-away place or breathtaking landscape.

At SUP Magazine, we strive to use photography that will inspire our readers to push the boundaries of their standup paddling experience. Whether that be traveling to paddle an exotic waterway, stroke into a bigger wave or simply appreciate the primary sensation our sport provides: standing on water.

While we prefer to see these images on paper, seeing them on a screen is the next best thing. In this batch from our 2017 Summer issue, the photographs take us on a journey from surfing a stunning Tahitian wall to stroking across a sheet of Montanan glass and more. Enjoy.


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