The Weekly Insta || Nature’s Ally

Another week, another edition of  The Weekly Insta — SUP‘s collection of the best Instagram photos from the standup paddling world this week. This week’s collection serves as a reminder that there’s no better way to experience nature in its purest, most candid form than by standup paddling. Whether stroking with seals along the Californian coast, paddling silently into natural scenes reserved for only the quietest onlookers, or SUPing naked beneath the massive Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, SUP offers an intimate connection with the natural world and its creatures that no other activity can match. It’s freedom in its most basic form, and boy do we all love freedom. Take a second to flip through The Weekly Insta, then clock out early and go enjoy your weekend in the great outdoors. We’d say leave your phone behind, but then where would next week’s Weekly Insta photos come from?

Hashtag #theweeklyinsta for your photos to be considered for the feed.

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