World Tour Wraps Up Location X Trials

The Standup World Tour’s annual exhibition contest, Location X, kicked off over the weekend in Mirleft, Morocco at Plage d’Aglou. With the first Moroccan National Championships serving as the local Trials round to Location X, the best SUP surfers from across the nation came out to compete for spots in the main event, the Mirleft Standup Pro.

Trials standouts—and top competitors in the Moroccan National Championships—included Sali Souffiani, Rafai Slimane, Aznitar Lahcen, El Jraifi Amine and Laanya Lmsdaq. The finals of the Trials saw an intense battle between the young Souffiani and the more experienced Lmsdaq, but in the end, Lmsdaq’s experience gave him the edge to take the win at the inaugural Moroccan National Championships. However, as a result to their top finishes in the Trials, each of the five standouts will compete in the main event of the Mirleft Standup Pro.


Standup World Tour regulars participating in this exhibition event include Sean Poynter, Zane Schweitzer, Giorgio Gomez and Benoit Carpentier, as well as Bernd Roediger, Fisher Grant, Kai Bates, James Casey and Peyo Lizarazu. World Champion Izzi Gomez will also lead a few standout SUP women in a separate exhibition, including Sophia Tiare Bartlow and Lori Parks.

With epic conditions expected and some of the best SUP surfers in the world ready to throw down for the last event of the year, the Mirleft Standup Pro will be an exciting event to wrap up the 2014 Standup World Tour. Stay tuned to for all of the action out of Morocco.

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