The Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life came out of the gates strong in 2015. With the biggest prize-purse in the standup industry, a world-class venue, the sport’s biggest stars, a virtual who’s-who of SUP brands, a massive demo zone and thousands of dedicated fans, it’s easy to see why. But in the name of betterment, #PPG2016 is taking things a step further. Here are five upgrades for #PPG2016.

It’s a Three-Day Event

A lot goes down at PPG. In the water, there are distance races and multi-heat technical races with Pro, Open, Junior and Prone divisions. On the beach, there are demos, clinics and slew of new gear waiting to be tested and booths to be visited. Rather than squeezing it all into one short weekend, we’re extending the holiday to a three-day event. Get dialed on the schedule and show up early Friday. Let’s make the good times last.

$60,000 Prize Purse

Last year, PPG made history with the biggest prize purse SUP has ever seen. This year, we’re stepping up the stakes even more. #PPG2016’s $60,000 prize purse is once again the largest ever in the sport, and it’ll be divided among the top racers with equal parts for both genders. We aim to redefine the worth of our elite racers.

Expanded Clinic Offerings

We’re focusing on every paddler at #PPG2016. We’ll have yoga clinics, stroke clinics, workout clinics, kids clinics and frequent first-timer clinics. Danny Ching was our first Elite paddler to sign on for these this year and will be hosting a paddling clinic for kids. The invitation extends to all comers who qualify by that definition and includes personalized paddling instruction from the master himself. Because really, who doesn’t want the best for their child?

16 Racers Per Technical Heat

PPG is rearranging it’s Technical Race format this year with more heats and fewer racers per heat for all divisions. A maximum of 16 racers will compete in each Technical heat with an elimination process to slim the competition down to the finals, where the top 16 competitors in each division will battle it out. It’ll make things safer and more interesting for spectators.

Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association

Without the beach and the water it skirts, we’d have nowhere to paddle and thus nowhere to hold PPG. It’s our duty to give back to the shore that gives us so much, which is why we’re investing in Doheny State Beach. A portion of sales from PPG goes directly to the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association, an organization focused on protecting and maintaining the park's beaches, facilities, marine refuge and its historical, cultural and social stories. It’s a win-win for the paddlers and the environment.

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