How Can Quest Bars Propel You Forward?

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What's the most effective way to get the most out of your SUP training? Tons of hard work, and practice, obviously. Keeping your body in peak physical condition will help with stamina, keep you vertical and balanced, and aid in core balance, but how can you go the extra mile? Nutrition plays a huge role in optimizing your training and that's why your new best friend will be the Quest Bar.

Besides offering an indulgent snack with the nutrition you need, adding a Quest Bar to your training regimen is a great way to ensure you're hitting your daily protein intake. In addition to a quick, tasty boost of protein, Quest Bars also have plenty of fiber – which, besides the obvious benefits to digestion, fiber helps regulate metabolism, hunger and even mood. Which, when it comes time to paddle your arms off, keeping a positive mindset is key to winning.

Every Quest Bar has at least 20g of protein, 13g of fiber and 3 grams of sugar or less. Meaning when it's close to competition time, a Quest Bar can feed your cravings, provide you with nourishing nutrition and act as a "snack" that's actually good for you. We're not saying that eating a Quest Bar is going to make the choppiest waters feel like a glide, but it might feel that way in your head.

If you really want to dive into the deep (pun intended), you can create a whole nutrition regimen around Quest Protein Powders – which offer the same incredible protein profile, but with pre- and post-workout energy and growth. Don't want to look like a kook? Take leg day seriously and get some more protein in your workout!

Stay vertical, stay nutritious and stay #OnAQuest, friends!

Quest Bars available at these locations:
Vitamin Shoppe
Vitamin World
Other local health and nutriton stores

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