Lifestyle Gallery: The Many Faces of PPG

All photos by Christian Jung

It’s the lifestyle, baby. Ain’t it crazy?
…Not exactly. Athleticism, outdoors, ocean, community. The SUP life offers a lot to a person. What’s more crazy is how many people will trudge passionately to the end of earth and back to partake in those offerings. And there’s no better example than the 2016 Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life. We saw faces from all of earth’s far-flung corners—places like Tahiti, France, Germany and Brazil—and guess what? All of them were smiling. Well, almost all of them. Heck, even the photographer who shot these—Christian Jung (@christianjung23)—came all the way from Brazil to do so. Apparently that’s just what passion does. That, and create some awesome candid facial expressions for others to enjoy later in a online…

Day 3 Gallery

Day 2 Gallery

Day 1 Gallery

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