Day Two Gallery | Technical Racing

Humans, oh, don’t we love to race? We race in traffic, we race on tracks, we race in pools. We race to check in and we race to check out. It’s a tendency inherent to mankind. And isn’t it great?

Of all mankind’s races, nothing quite compares to the Technical racing at #PPG2016 presented by Salt Life. What else would you expect when the venue is Doheny State Beach, the racers are the world’s best and the conditions are head-high, pristine and consistently pumping? At the 2016 Pacific Paddle Games, it’s just what awesome humans do.

Check out the highlights from the Pro, Open, Junior Pro and Youth races on Day Two of #PPG2016 and be sure to tune into the LIVE webcast tomorrow at 8am for Finals Day. We guarantee, it’ll get your engine revving.

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