The Distance Race at the Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life will test you. From dehydration, to pacing, to conditions, there are many factors to consider when taking on the six-mile course off of Doheny State Beach. Here are six tips to help you have your best performance yet!

Be on time

The Distance race is at 8:30 am Saturday morning for the first time ever at the Pacific Paddle Games. Get there early to get registered, warm up and get to the start line by the mouth of Dana Point Harbor

Know the course

The Distance race will consist of two, three-mile laps outside of the surf zone south of Doheny. Toward the south end of the course, there is chop and currents off of the Capo Reef to watch out for. We recommend checking that area out prior to race day.

Watch the wind

Although the wind is generally out of the northwest this time of year, we've had an unusual amount of south wind during the PPG Distance races. Be sure to know what the wind will be doing during your race and how that will play into your two-lap strategy.

Bring water

Although it's only six miles, the Distance race will test you. Find a hydration pack that's comfortable for you and train and race with it prior to the PPG. That way you'll be comfortable and hydrated on race day.

Pace yourself

It's hard to contain your excitement on the biggest start line of the year. But have a race plan and stick to it. If you like to go out fast and then slow down to a pace that's comfortable, do it. If you haven't trained for that, we suggest starting at a comfortable pace, hitting your stride then finishing strong.

Stick the landing

Landing on the beach can be one of the hardest parts of the Pacific Paddle Games. Be sure to assess the shoreline, the size of the surf and your strategy for removing your leash before your race so you can hit the finish line fast and in style.

See you at Doheny State Beach!