#PPG2017 is the biggest SUP race of the year for the world’s best paddlers. With $60k on the line, the pros leave it all on the water vying for victory. But while the pro races get lots of attention, #PPG2017 means just as much–if not more–to another group of paddlers: the open racers.

Everyday paddlers travel from near and far to compete on standup paddling’s biggest stage–Doheny State Beach. With no money on the line, the reasons for their participation varies as widely as their ages and backgrounds. But no matter where they came from or why they did it, watching over 100 open racers charging into the water is always one of the coolest sights of the year.

Check out the best shots from the Men’s and Women’s Open Technical race with this exclusive gallery.

#PPG2017 Day One Gallery

#PPG2017 Day Two Gallery