Why It’s Good to be a Grom at PPG

The Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life are less than two months away! That’s right, the biggest event in SUP is getting closer by the day. We’re counting down the days and we’re grown ups. We can’t imagine what the groms out there are feeling. As a note to those youngsters out there, we thought we’d put together a list of why it’s good to be a grom at #PPG2017. We hope to see you on the beach!

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The Beach. Doheny State Beach is iconic for a reason. Swaying palm trees, grassy lawns, a big beach, classic history and perfect waves for racing and surfing make for the ideal venue to hang out for the weekend. If you’re a grom, the possibilities for fun are endless whether you’re a racer or just want to hang out and build the world’s biggest sand castle.

The Competition. If you are a young racer, there isn’t a more competitive Junior SUP competition in the world. You get to race in front of your heroes, your parents and thousands of fans. If you’re new to paddling and want to try racing for the first time, check out our beginner friendly Super Grom Fun Race, held in the protected waters at the north end of the beach.

The Heroes. The Pacific Paddle Games attract all the best pro SUP racers from around the world. Not only will you get a chance to watch them compete in and out of the late summer waves at Doheny but they’re at the beach all weekend, a perfect chance to get autographs and talk with your heroes!

The Surf. Doheny State Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Southern California for one main reason: the surf. The waves are gentle and long and perfect for the biggest event in SUP. When the racing is off the lineup turns into the biggest freesurfs in the SUP world! Did we mention the water is warm?

The Demos. Want to try new boards, new paddles, new gear? Of course you do! Check out our demo zone for the best products in the SUP world and beyond. There’s something for everyone at the demo zone.

The Friends. Standup paddling is one of the friendliest, most inviting communities out there. While competition is tough, racers leave it on the water and enjoy each other’s company throughout the weekend. Whether you’ve just started paddling and are looking for new friends, or have been at it for years and want to hang with old ones, the Pacific Paddle Games presented by Salt Life are all about community! Come join us for the fun.

Register now for the biggest event in SUP!