Big EZ Angler (2 sizes)


Catch more fish with the Big EZ Angler. A real teak board, built for the fisherman, the Pau Hana Big EZ Angler features 25 SeaMount™ threaded anchor points. Easily attach fishing accessories from RAM® Mounts and YakAttack. Bolt down coolers, fishing rod holders, paddle clips, cups, tackle and Nocqua lights. It can be rigged up for any kind of fishing and can handle heavy loads and carry all the gear you need. The Big EZ Angler comes in two widths: 32" or 36" wide. Price ranges from $1,399.99 to $1,499.99 based on size. Features: – Feel stable while reeling in even the biggest catch – With a high weight capacity, this is great as a family board or to load it up with gear for a long day on the water – Navigate easily through various types of water – 25 SeaMount™ attachment points to screw in all your gear including accessories from RAM® Mounts, YakAttack, and Nocqua lights

Product Details

Brand Name

Pau Hana Surf Supply



Product type


Length (ft)

11, 11

Length (in)


Width (in)

32, 36

Thickness (in)


Volume (liters)

225, 260



Weight (lbs)

32, 36



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