Cadence RT (2 sizes)


Speed, stability, and performance are the first words that come to mind when riding the 2016 Cadence RT. Bringing a new rhythm to core workouts, the Cadence RT features a displacement hull allowing it to easily cut through the water with more glide and less resistance on each paddle stroke. The board also features a soft deck pad and the addition of the bridge pad and stomp pad gives the rider the ability to walk the length of the board. The Cadence is the perfect training platform for getting an intensive, all-encompassing core workout while maintaining a top-of-the-line competitive edge. Available in 12’6” or 14’0” length. Price ranges from $1,599.99 – $1,799.99 based on size. Features: – Designed to cut easily and quickly through the water with minimal resistance – Provides a comfortable and stable platform for a long workout – Great training board to get an all-encompassing core workout – SeaMount™ plugs allow it to be used as a day touring board – Soft grab handle

Product Details

Brand Name

Pau Hana Surf Supply



Product type


Length (ft)

12, 14

Length (in)

6, 0

Width (in)

28.5, 28.5

Thickness (in)

6, 6

Volume (liters)

260, 290



Weight (lbs)

23, 27



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